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20 questions

about the art  20 Questions

Name:  Stuart Duffin.


Age: 58, almost (at time of publishing in June it out).


Birthplace: UK.


Occupation: Artist (printmaker, painter and educator).


Most important tool: My collection of antique mezzotint rocking tools in conjunction with my razor-sharp scraper...and my coffee pot.


Artists or cultural figures who have most influenced you: The classical music of Scots composer Malcolm Lindsay has always been influential on both my work and my state of mind (while working!). Other than that I am less influenced by artists and more by environments, places, circumstances and experiences.


Where are you based: I'm split three ways between my home studio in the north-east of Scotland, the Glasgow Print Studio and the Jerusalem Print Workshop in the Middle East.


Favourite app: That one that orders pizza.


Thing you can't do without: Photoshop! No going back now.


Favourite movie of this year: All time favourite movie would be anything by Jacques Tati. Or "Amelie" with Audrey Tautou. It owes a lot to Tati's legacy.


What's on your playlist at the moment: Malcolm Lindsays music. I also have a ton of drum'n'bass.


The book on your bedside table: "Strange Things Happen", the drummer Stewart Copeland's autobiography. He's a talented and humorous storyteller. Also "The Great Partnership" by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks.


Your work in three words: Shalom, Salaam, Peace (alternatively, forgiveness, compassion, co-existence).


Who would you like to collaborate with: I would love to collaborate with the dynamic artist Daria Zapala again. Maybe create some digital images that we can send to each other, play around with and then send them back! That would be fun.


Emerging talent to watch out for: I think any emerging visual artist that is willing to learn how to draw (in any form or style) should be given due credit. Then they can turn to whatever they want with genuine authority.


Biggest challenge to date: It has to be staying sane and at peace in the midst of a manic world, and not using that pizza app too often.


Proudest moment: Any moment I realise I am the dad of a doctor (my daughter) and an architect (my son).


Next big thing: WW3.


Where would you like to be in 10 years time: Still out running on a darkening rainy evening. Bliss.


What would you say to your younger self: Remember, growing old is mandatory, growing UP is optional.


Originally published in International Arts Manager but since updated and amended.

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