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about the art  Boys on Film 1982 - 1984

Artist's Statement


Freedom, oppression,

masks, mushrooms, apples, Africa,

black, white, light, blue trains, the Glasgow underground,

chillies, spiders, Japan (the country) Jaco Pastorius, Japan (the musicians),

Charlie Mingus, Coltrane, Miles, John McLaughlin, Chick Corea,

celli, chamber music, the Hammond Organ,


Bill and Ben,



The Beano, Pino Palladino,

Mackintosh, Klimt, Schiele, Rauchenberg, Carlsberg, Rothko, Hockney, Monet,

Michaelangelo, Utamaro, cats, Kats,

Kikumara, Coca-cola,




whistles, stripes, new shirts, new buildings, old builings, Landscape,

Andy Park (James Dean), Shawbridge Street flats, hot fudge, grids, crosswords, Belfast, Beirut, Berlin, fences, gates, farms, Glasgow, pigeons, seagulls, magpies, sparrows, Royal Scottish Museum,

Frasers, Listen Records, Thornton's, Kellogg's, cubes, circles, squares, You're so Square-Elvis, ex-landlady's cooker, Trace Elliot, jars, bottles, labels, tickets, stickers, signposts

and much more have influenced this artist and his work.

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